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Economic Trends


Here’s Why Stocks Skyrocketed Today

A tamer-than-expected Consumer Price Index inflation report for October sent the stock market surging on Thursday.

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Jobs Data Doesn’t Support A Fed Pivot (Yet)

October's unemployment report likely did little to change the Federal Reserve's monetary policy.


Expect A Subtle Shift, Not A Fed Pivot

The Federal Reserve's rhetoric may become less hawkish, but don't expect a pivot to rate cuts.


Will GDP Growth in Q3 Derail A Fed Pivot?

GDP flipped positive, but underlying data isn't compelling, and an inverted yield curve suggests growth could be fleeting.


Jobs Data Likely Means Higher Interest Rates

The unemployment rate fell last month, providing the Federal Reserve cover for additional increases to the Federal Funds rate.

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Treasury Bonds Did Something They Haven’t Done In 40 Years

Treasury Bond yields have broken a downtrend stretching back to the 1980s.


The Federal Reserve Remains Stocks’ Enemy

The Federal Reserve increased interest rates by another 0.75% today, stiffening the headwind for stocks.


Stocks: August’s CPI Report Deals A Blow to Bulls

Stocks were sent crashing because inflation remained stubbornly high in August.