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Welcome to TheStreet Smarts


My name is Todd, and I want to be the first to welcome you to TheStreet Smarts, your source for the smartest insight from TheStreet’s smartest analysts.

TheStreet’s analysts provide you with fantastic, money-making ideas every day, but let’s face it, filtering all this alpha-friendly content to uncover the most intriguing nuggets is challenging for even the most passionate investor.

Over the past 25 plus years, these pros have helped tens of thousands of investors profit from market pops and drops. Our top-tier analysts have helped people like you weather the Internet boom and bust, the Great Financial Recession, and the COVID crisis.

You can bet when times get tough, they’ll be there to help you again with actionable and timely advice.

Every day, I scour TheStreet’s services, including Action Alerts PLUS, Real Money, Real Money Pro, and Top Stocks, for the best, most interesting, and profit-friendly insight. Then, I break that insight down into simple, easy-to-understand advice you can use to make more money.

I’ll help you make sense of analysis from top investors like Action Alerts PLUS’ Co-portfolio Managers Bob Lang and Chris Versace, Real Money Pro’s Doug Kass and Paul Price, Top Stocks’ Helene Meisler, and Real Money’s Bruce Kamich, “Rev Shark” DePorre, and “Sarge” Guilfoyle.

In short, I’ll curate TheStreet’s best ideas for you, and importantly, I’ll demystify them so you better understand even the most complex investment opportunities.

I look forward to saving you time and helping you on your financial journey!



Senior Editor, TheStreet Smarts