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Welcome to TheStreet® SMARTS


Dear Investor,

I’m Todd Campbell, Senior Editor at TheStreet, and I want to welcome you to TheStreet® SMARTS, your daily source for stock market intel and money-making ideas.

Let’s face it, keeping up with all the information you need to make smart moves in the stock market is challenging for even the most seasoned investor.

That’s where TheStreet® SMARTS comes in.

Every day, I scour TheStreet’s premium services, including Action Alerts PLUS, Real Money, Real Money Pro, and Top Stocks, for the sharpest insights and tips with the highest profit potential. Then I break it down for you and give you an actionable recommendation in the Smart Play.

All of the topics I cover on TheStreet® SMARTS fall under one of the following categories:

  • Investing Strategy
  • Stock Ideas
  • Economic Trends
  • Technical Analysis
  • Market Sectors
  • Stock Market

Over the past 25 years, TheStreet’s top-tier analysts have helped tens of thousands of investors profit from market pops and drops. They’ve helped investors like you weather the Internet boom and bust, the Great Financial Recession, and the COVID crisis. And you can bet they’ll be there to help you again when times get tough.

I’ll be there to help you make sense of the analysis from top investors like:

  • Bob Lang and Chris Versace, Co-portfolio Managers for Action Alerts PLUS
  • Helene Meisler from Top Stocks
  • Doug Kass and Paul Price from Real Money Pro
  • Bruce Kamich, James DePorre, and Stephen Guilfoyle from Real Money

In short, I’ll curate TheStreet’s best ideas for you and help you better understand even the most complex investment opportunities.

I look forward to saving you time and helping you on your financial journey!


Todd Campbell

Senior Editor, TheStreet® SMARTS

About the Senior Editor

Todd Campbell has served for 20 years as Chief Consultant & Founder of E.B. Capital Markets, LLC advising portfolio managers at some of the world’s largest investment management companies on equity asset allocation and individual stock selection. In 2011, Campbell published a book called Your Guide to Better Stock Picks: Tips from an Advisor’s Advisor. Currently, he’s also a part-time Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire for the Business in Practice (BiP) program.

Campbell’s work has appeared on the CNN/FN network, The New York Times, SmartMoney, Barron’s, The Motley Fool, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, Fox Business, and other major news outlets. He holds a Series 65 license and a B.A. from the University of New Hampshire.